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Are you someone who has a great business, but just want more Clients, more Customers, and more people coming through the door? You want support, business besties, and an outlet to get yourself "out there"?

We get you in front of 77,000 people- on a regular basis! Plus we add over 200 new members PER month! That is a Lot of eyeballs, directly on YOU, and YOUR business.

Our service offers the ultimate visibility package, and marketing package tailored specifically for ambitious female entrepreneurs looking to elevate their online presence and grow their businesses. With our comprehensive suite of features, you'll gain invaluable tools and support to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

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Here's what's included:

Promotional Posts:

Amplify your reach with one solo promotional post per week. Highlight your products, services, or upcoming events to attract new customers and drive sales. ($97/month Value)

Unlimited Non-Promotional Posts:

Share your insights, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and inspirational content without limits. Build meaningful connections and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. (Priceless)

Weekly Live Sessions or Video Posts:

Take center stage and engage with our vibrant community by going live once a week in our exclusive Facebook Group. Share your expertise, connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and showcase your brand to a dedicated audience. You can also share videos directly to the group. Use your imagination on the ways you can leverage the numbers and the visibility! ($197/month Value)

Monthly Q&A Sessions:

Gain invaluable insights and strategies during our monthly group Q&A sessions with Renowned Expert Haley Gray. Learn how to maximize your platform and visibility from industry experts and fellow entrepreneurs. ($100/month Value)

Private Membership Group:

A private membership group, hosted OFF of Facebook, specifically designed and facilitated for Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs.

Speaking Opportunities:

You will have first pick of all speaking opportunities in our community- from twice yearly Summits, to Podcast interviews, Youtube Interviews, and MORE

Learning Platform:

Access a wealth of resources, hints, and tips on our learning platform designed to help you grow your online presence and monetize your platform effectively. From Viral social media strategies to revenue-generating tactics, empower yourself with the practical knowledge to thrive in the digital realm. Haley will share her no BS experience on how to grow a business, realistically, without running yourself into the ground. ($100/month Value)

Rich Thinking to Grow Book Club:

A book club for people who want to live their life by design. (Priceless – Growth has no limits)

The Zone Community Membership:

Dive into an unparalleled virtual coworking experience with 24/7 access to a dynamic workspace, fostering connection, collaboration, and consistent action for your clients and business. Network with like-minded achievers, join expert Q&A sessions, and partake in weekly wellness sessions. Enjoy bonus perks like Coffee Chat Club Directory features and weekly promotions in The Entrepreneur Zone Facebook Group. Elevate your professional journey with a community that's more than just a community – it's your consistent platform for connection, collaboration, and implementation. ($47/month Value)

All 10 Day $10K Challenges Included:

You get access to all of our paid 10 Day $10K Challenges for the life of your membership. ($47/Challenge)

Join the Women's Entrepreneur Network - All Access Pass today and unlock the tools and support you need to thrive as a female entrepreneur in the digital age. Elevate your visibility, expand your network, and achieve your business goals with us!

All of this for only $97 per MONTH! For the first 50 Members! Then it goes up to $147/month.


Don't just take our word for it... Check out what some of our members and clients have to say...

Group Statistics:

  • Over 77,000 Members

  • 20,000 Members Active Each Month

  • 100% Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

  • 80% North American

  • 95% Women

  • Over 200 new members per month

We get your business in front of MORE people than almost any other advertising option out there, PLUS we support you to get maximum REACH.

About Rich Thinking to Grow Book Club


Discover how you can grow and learn while having fun in a community of people committed to applying proven success principles to their life.

Did you know:

Thoughts become words and then become actions.all things are created twice, once in your mind and once in physical form. You can have fun while you read, share, and grow.

The Rich Thinking to Grow Book Club meets every Wednesday evening at 7pm EST. We read for 30 minutes based on success principles. We have read books such as Think and Grow Rich for Women, The Magic, Savy Wisdom Trilogy, The Science of Getting Rich and we focus every week on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. We read 20 minutes of the current book and 10 minutes of Think and Grow Rich. We then spend 30 minutes sharing, and we have meaningless and meaningful conversations inspired by what we read, Book Talk is where we grow.

There is no reading to prepare or homework to finish unless you are inspired to do so on your own time. Everyone is invited to contribute in whatever way they feel comfortable, and no one leaves without learning something.

Bonus: You will be feeding your mental and social pillars at the same time!

Here’s what Roxanne one of our members has to say:

"I love Book Club not only for the amazing community of friends that we have become, but for the hour of relaxation and learning."

Value (Priceless – Growth has no limits)

About The Zone Co-working Community:

Success isn't just about great ideas; it's about consistent, high-quality action.

How much more could you accomplish if you had consistent accountability, a community of friends and collaboration partners and more strategic networking and visibility? It’s time to do away with individualism and hustle culture- we are stronger together!

Inside The Zone Community, we’re building this dream: - 24/7 virtual coworking space where you’ll meet your - New “biz besties” and session hosts to keep you accountable and get the most out of your precious work time -

Weekly wellness sessions (because we are human beings, not just human workers) -

Breakout rooms for networking, socializing and relaxing around the “water cooler”

Just because you work from home or remotely doesn’t mean you have to do it alone!

Get support from various online business subject matter experts during office hours while coworking to enhance productivity and combat loneliness.

Upgrade to Get Even More Value, and Engagement.

  • Voxer Support - to Keep you Moving your business forward - We will respond within 1 business day, to ALL of your business questions.

  • Weekly accountability Pod Meetings (Limit of 6 members per pod- so you get group time, and mentoring when you need it- times and placement will be determined by when you are available)

  • A special thank-you gift shipped to your doorstep- An Autographed copy of Haley's Book- Fearless Marketing, Your 8 Figure Business Blueprint.

The total investment is $197/month, with all of the upgrades. (For the first 50 Members, then it goes up to $247)

About Haley Gray

Haley grew the group organically (without the use of paid ads) to over 77,000 members, and Women's Entrepreneur Network is widely recognized as one of the best communities of this type on Facebook.

She takes a no-BS approach, and is excellent at problem solving, and can help you find ways around obstacles that others might not even consider. She also takes a highly individualized approach to every problem, and helps you find YOUR best solution that works well for you in your circumstances, not some cookie-cutter system that may never work for you, or anybody else for that matter.

Haley has been operating in the online business space for over 10 years, and knows the ins and outs like the back of her hand, and has seen a LOT of things come and go.

She combines her education, as well as her experience to help small business owners, and in fact has helped tens of thousands of business owners add hundreds of millions of dollars to their bottom lines.