Is your Brand Brilliant?

Do any of the following sound like your business?

  • You have a great business, but not enough clients.

  • Your messaging is good, but not GREAT, and feels a bit like other businesses out there.

  • You haven't done a competitive analysis- recently, or maybe even ever.

  • Your last in-depth SWOT analysis was years ago.

  • Your brand message and look hasn't changed or updated in the last few years.

  • You haven't updated your brand photos and speaker reel in a few years.

What is a Brand Strategy Mastermind and Cruise?

Branding is the overall look, feel, and message your business sends to prospects and clients. When your branding message is well dialed in, and consistent across all of your channels, you naturaly attract the right clients.

But we forget that the market changes over time, our business changes over time, and the environment we operate in also changes. We change too.

Our brands need to change to adapt and reflect those changes.

In fact, my team is on my butt, yet again, to update my own headshots, and get our branding updated.. It never ends does it?

Marketing people can be SOOOO demanding. (I should know, because I am one)

In a world where a picture is everything, and we have become even more reliant on good photography, good video of ourselves speaking, and all the things, it has become even more important to invest in taking care of your image, your brand, and your message on a regular basis.

Evaluate what needs to be updated, and get 'er done.

That is exactly why we created the Brand Brilliance program. To help you identify what needs updating in your brand, and help you get it done, easily and painlessly.

In our Brand Brilliance program, we are going to get the stuff done, then go on an amazing cruise in September, 2024, that will get you all of the photo collateral, and some of the videos you NEED to feed the social media and marketing machine.

We are going to help you get the headshots, action shots, and brand shots that you need to create a full year of social media posts, with you, and your business front and center.

We are going to record a short speaker reel demo of you speaking - on a stage. Then, we will hand it all to you in a nice, wrapped up package.

How all this works.

  • 12 months of Guided, Small Group Brand Strategy Calls

  • 3 - 30 minute Brand Strategy Calls with Haley 1:1

  • A cruise on Independence of the Seas- Sept 21-26, 2024, from Miami, FL, with a brand photographer, and videographer on board, to do a photography session with you.

  • Pre-departure calls to plan your style, wardrobe, and photo needs.

Cruise Details:

  • September 21 - Board the ship in Miami - Mid-day. Welcome Event in the Evening

  • September 22 - Perfect Day at Coco Cay 7 AM- 5 PM - Photo Opportunities Galore in Paradise!

  • September 23 - Day at Sea. Photos, Videos, and Workshop Day

  • September 24 - Cozumel 7 AM - 6 PM - Optional (included!) tour

  • September 25 - Day at Sea - Photos, Videos, and Workshop Day

  • September 26 - Miami- Get off the ship super, super early.

Amenities Included

  • Welcome Gift

  • Wifi

  • Deluxe Beverage Package, including both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages (per the Royal Caribbean Plan and limits)

  • Deluxe Dining Plan ( Including the upgraded restaurants on board)

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance.

What is The Investment?

The investment is $5000 if paid in a single payment, or $500 per month for 12 months ($6000).

There is a singles supplement of $1800 Available, or you can elect to bring a non-participating travel guest with you for $2500.

Who is Haley Gray?

Haley Gray Founded the 77000 Strong Women's Entrepreneur Network, and is the owner of In2itive Biz Solutions, a boutique digital marketing agency.

She works with small business owners to help them define their brands, brand message, logo, and audience so that they can generate leads faster, and easier.

By creating this program, she is hoping to help small business owners upgrade their branding, to attract higher paying, better clients, more reliably.